Kudos for Tom

As Tom Boasberg steps down after nearly a decade of service as superintendent of Denver Public Schools, the community and DPS team members have shared their memories, well-wishes and kudos for Tom and the work he did as a leader. Read some below, and share your thoughts by emailing

“Under Tom Boasberg’s leadership for the past decade, Denver Public Schools has made remarkable academic progress and has become one of the most innovative school districts in the country. Tom has brought tremendous urgency and a deep commitment to closing both opportunity and achievement gaps for students of color and those from low-income backgrounds. For many school districts throughout the country, Denver’s innovative and collaborative approaches serve as a valuable model. I look forward to continued growth and progress in Denver.” – John King, former U.S. Secretary of Education

“Tom Boasberg has invested a significant part of his life into transforming Denver Public Schools into one of the fastest-improving school districts in America. As a DPS parent, former mayor and now governor, I am deeply grateful for the progress made under Tom’s leadership. I applaud Tom and Team DPS for driving the innovations that are creating a brighter future for tens of thousands of young people in every corner of the city.” – John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado and DPS parent

“I am saddened that DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg will be stepping down but full of gratitude for his close partnership with the city on behalf of Denver’s kids and families. As a DPS graduate and a DPS parent, I know firsthand that Tom has led DPS with integrity and commitment. His focus on success for all kids has greatly improved our schools and provided better opportunities for all students to live their dreams. We have much work still to do in DPS, but we have an incredible foundation for moving forward and we are committed to continuing in partnership with the next DPS leader.” – Michael B. Hancock, Denver Mayor, DPS graduate and DPS parent

“Thank you, Tom Boasberg, for your decade of service to Denver’s kids. We were fortunate to have the best superintendent in the country the last 10 years. As a DPS parent, I thank him for his commitment, his compassion and his extraordinary tenure. As Tom always says himself, we have a long way to go, but his transformational leadership has resulted in extraordinary progress over the past 10 years. Our student achievement has substantially increased; the number of teachers and other school personnel serving our children has grown tremendously; and the school choices available to children and their families have never been greater.” – Michael Bennet, U.S. Senator and DPS parent

“Tom’s focus has been on our kids. He put them first, and never wavered. I appreciate and wish him the very best in the next phase of his life, knowing that his DPS kids will continue on the path of achievement.” – Rosemary Rodriguez, former member of DPS Board of Education

“Tom’s leadership, in partnership with our educators, has had a profound impact on Denver Public Schools. We are in every way a better district than a decade ago, and our students, families and educators have all benefited from his service. We have become a district recognized nationally for innovation, from our emphasis on teachers as leaders in their buildings to our focus on the social and emotional – as well as academic – needs of our kids. Perhaps most importantly, almost 2,000 more of Denver’s children are graduating from high school every year, prepared for brighter futures.” – Anne Rowe, President of DPS Board of Education

“Tom Boasberg is as an inspiration to me and to superintendents across the country. Under his leadership, Denver has proved to the nation that transformative change is possible in our schools, and that it can be done for students who need change the most. Much as he will be missed, he leaves behind a model that states and cities will emulate for a generation.”  – John White, Louisiana State Superintendent of Education

“Tom’s leadership has led to the most groundbreaking and most transformative programs in DPS schools: Teacher Leadership and Collaboration. Under the TLC model as a Senior Team Lead, I have witnessed not only tremendous growth in teachers collectively, but the innovative approach has simultaneously created a ripple effect in teacher empowerment thus propagating a tangible pathway for teachers to pursue leadership within their own building. Ensuring strong teams are in our schools has created greater equity and opportunity for students and has had significant impacts on student achievement. Tom’s vision has illuminated the path for DPS to lead the nation in TLC work and the program’s profound influence in schools allowed it to continuously grow stronger each year.”  — Rachel Jacobs, Teacher Leader at Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College