Letter from Board President Anne Rowe

School photo shoot at Lena Archuleta in December 2017.

Dear Team DPS,
For the past three decades, as a community member, a DPS parent, a small business owner and, now, as president of the board of education, I’ve had the great fortune to work with so many of our amazing leaders — in our classrooms, in our schools and in our district. Today, because of the deep passion that our leaders have for improving the future of the children and families we serve, we are a better district in every way than we were when I first started this work. We have become a district recognized nationally for innovation, from our emphasis on teachers as leaders in their buildings to our focus on the social and emotional — as well as academic — needs of our kids.
As we look to our future as a district and the selection of our next superintendent, we know that we can only build on this progress if we do it together. Times of change can be uncertain. But my fellow board members and I are confident in and incredibly thankful for the talent and dedication of our leaders and educators to continue to serve our students well and move this district forward. Thank you, Team DPS, for all that you do for our students.
We know that choosing a superintendent is the most important responsibility that we as board members have and we are committed to being thorough and open in this work. To this end, the Board is seeking to gather input from the community on each person’s hopes and dreams for the future of the district and the qualities and characteristics that are most important in the next superintendent. Last week we made the decision to extend our search timeline by a little more than a month to ensure that we have sufficient opportunities to collect as much input from the community as possible. We believe that the more intentional, strategic and thoughtful we are about this process, the brighter the future will be for Team DPS.

We are seeking your input in multiple ways: traditional public-comment-style meetings, large community meetings, small group meetings with organizations and organized groups, a community survey open to all stakeholders, and a email address at which board members can receive input from any stakeholder at any time.

Since Tom announced his departure in July, we have held two public comment sessions, have met with over 45 small groups and have conducted five of 11 large community meetings across the Near Northeast, Central, Southwest and Southeast regions. Our large community meetings are being conducted in a “house style,” which is designed around the idea of lifting up everyone’s voice, including those who would not be comfortable speaking to large audiences. This is especially important in our district where more than 36% of our 90,000-plus families speak a language other than English. Hundreds of community members — students, parents, teachers and staff — have participated in these fruitful conversations, and we are sharing what we are hearing on our website.

Thank you to everyone who has already provided feedback and attended a community meeting. There are plenty more opportunities for engagement. We look forward to hearing from you. Please check for the most up-to-date calendar and the latest news and announcements.
DPS Board of Education President

Anne Rowe