Roles of the Board and Superintendent

What is the role of the school board?

The Denver Board of Education is the policy-making body for Colorado’s largest school district. The board is made up of unpaid, elected officials. The board’s powers and duties are established in state law. The board sets the mission and vision for the district, and hires the superintendent to implement its policy direction.

There are seven elected board members, five of which represent regions in the district and two of which are at-large, district-wide representatives. The board members are:

Read more about the roles of the Board of Education on the Colorado Association of School Boards’ website.

What is the role of the superintendent?

The superintendent functions as the chief executive of the district. The roles and responsibilities of the superintendent include: management of DPS employees, budget and students. The superintendent also sets rules and regulations regarding how the district will execute the management of the district, and is responsible for long-range planning. They take the vision and directives of the board and puts them into action. Large areas of management and execution include setting instructional priorities; creating and implementing the district budget; leading human resources for the district’s employees; and setting the culture and tone for the district’s work.